Sunday, January 03, 2010

Micmacs à tire la larigot

I went to see this film with not much more knowledge about it than that the trailer looked kinda funny and the fact that I've read the abstract very fast. I had a free pass for the small filmhouse that played it so the only thing I'd lose was 2 hours of my time.

Obviously I should do this more often because for me, this was the best film I saw on the big screen in 2009. It's a French film, but fortunately they had subtitling which was done quite right (I don't think many jokes went bad after translation).

So what is this movie about? It's about Bazil who's father got killed by a landmine and he himself gets hit by a stray bullet. The bullet causes him to have some strange fits where he needs to smack himself on the head if he doesn't want to go crazy and die. He ends up living on the streets where he meets up with a group of really strange people who all got their own weird thing (the guy who mainly speaks in proverbs is really funny) and together they make up a plan to take down the two armsfactories who are responsible for Bazil's suffering.

The film rolls from one bizar happening into the next and you just keep laughing. If I find this one on dvd I'll immediately buy it.