Monday, July 26, 2010

Interpol - Lights

I just can't call it a youtube saturday post. Somehow it completely skipped past me. I did however want to post it now, since I've got a bunch of other stuff lined up for the rest of the week (Hadrians Walk & warhammer stuff).

Interpol has been around for years and years. I never gave them much listening time which is just stupid because they've made great music. I came across their new track which sounds great and is accompanied by a strange video.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Youtube 'Saturday' : Ting Tings - We walk

We walked, the Hadrians walk. A post about that is coming..but I'll have to sort out some photo's etc..might be up on monday/tuesdayish.

The vid isn't great, but I really like this song. And if you just try and imagine them singing we walked, it fits the Hadrians walk.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Youtube 'saturday' : Smashmouth - Walking on the sun

Hadrians Walk themed.

Setting off on monday.
Sorry, couldn't get any Trygon pics in...I'm afraid I still need to do a dishes before I leave.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Hadrians Walk - nice knowing you

This post is long overdue and probably too late to convince anyone else to sponsor me now, but I think I never posted about the Walk before..which is a shame.

Monday till saturday I'm joining a group of people from the Netherlands, Great Brittain and the US in a fundraising walk across England. We're going to walk the 135 kilometers (84miles) along the Hadrians wall.

I've got good shoes, good socks, a reasonable condition and a 2L camelpack for water. I hope this keeps me alive.

So, why am I trying torture myself abroad? To raise funds for the Joseph Salmon Trust!

In short what the Joseph Salmon Trust does is supporting parents who have lost a child by providing financial assistance to those who need it most. Whether it is financial aid in paying for a gravestone or other practical financial help, it doesn't help the parents with the burden of losing a child, but it does help prevent financial problems adding to the horror of losing your kid.

Please consider sponsoring a dollar, a euro, a yen or whichever currency you use to support the trust.

How can you sponsor?
Via creditcard or paypal on:
my justgiving page

Via internetbanking: 596386249 to Arjan Beens (location: Groningen) mention Hadrians Walk

Or if you don't have any money, you can have someone else sponsor a dollar for you by leaving a comment at Frogpondsrock Even if you already donated, leave a comment anyway! Also, read the rest of her blog.

Want more info?
Hadrians Walk
Joseph Salmon Trust

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