Tuesday, October 31, 2006


So we finally had our 'constitutieborrel'.
It's a sort of meeting where you as new board members invite board members from other study societies to congratulate you, greet you and give you a bottle of whine or some other gift.

Best gift of the day: Studiosi Mobilae gave us a very very nice pocket knife. So Ernst if you read this..compliment your board members again in name of Commotie.

We had a great time..drinking and drinking some more and talking to people about boring and less boring and sometimes just plain funny stuff.

But why then Pwned? Well as is tradition with these meetings...another study society stole our guestbook. We didn't have it guarded...why not? Well the idea was..if it's not guarded there's no fun stealing it and people would leave it alone. We've heard plenty of societies claim they would not steal an unguarded book.
Anyhow...the study society of History has 'kidnapped' our book and will send their hostage demands soon. So PWNED!
But I can laugh about it...we'll see what they will ask.

Next to that..I still had to work after the constitution drink....and of course I didn't have the keys to the office with me..so I was lucky to find one of my bosses there. I didn't need to bike for 30 minutes just to get the keys...thank gaaaawd!!!

ugh..T I R E D! And 8.40 it's driving lessons again. And I've got some 'homework to do tomorrow and ...at 0.00 tomorrow there's a party which I need to attend...busy..tired etzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How do you know...

when you're a 40K addict?

When real-life keeps interfering with your 40K stuff.
That's what's happening atm. Busy boozing up at parties, playing secretary spamming the hell out of the world. Trying to keep promises, without promising too much. Trying to find a narrow line between being a board member and being a friend (shit is hard sometimes!).

Coming home at half past 5 in the morning ain't doing any good for your day. Woke up at noon only to stumble around the house..sobering up, getting cleaned up and going off to work. Stuffing some french fries + a 'kroket' inside and watching PB and The Wire. On those series. PB 2nd season is a bit criticised..and rightly so.
Some people think some things are done just to keep the audience happy, killing off escape's, speeding things up, slowing other things down. But all in all I'm still an addict!! Oh and I've heard that I need to wait 3 weeks for the next episode and then 3 months!!! argh.
But..at least I've got The Wire. Haven't got around to downloading Weeds, Stargate sg1 or atlantis. I think Eureka finished it's season, Blade finished it's season a couple of weeks ago.
Next thursday..the torrents for the new Lost season will be up (go go go E-bean..you know you want to!) But only 6 episodes..and then a gap of 3 freaking months!! And Veronica Mars should be back the same day as Lost. Can hardly wait to see her outsmart the rest of the world!
But I hope there will be a good downloadable for the winter, cause a lot of stuff will have winter-breaks :( Oh and I hope the dvd burner that Rico found at the junkyard (in a pc that was dumped) works. People throw away tons of stuff that works just fine, just because they got better stuff or the darn pc gave way. It did get recognized, haven't got software to burn a dvd yet..so testing for real has to wait a bit longer. But oh my..amd I going to burn ! The Wire, Lost, Veronica Mars, Weeds, Blade the series, Stargate (both), Eureka.

But I thought you said this was a 40K blog? Well..yes, but ranting/talking is nice. I'm too lazy to keep a diary. I don't want to re-read every private thing I've thought and wrote down years ago so if it's too private, it will not appear here..cause that's what the big empty space in my head is for ;)

40K stuff. Kinda found out that barbed stranglers on warriors are a bit better in my way of using shooty warriors then a venom cannon. Although a venom cannon could be a good speeder killer. I don't have too much anti-speeder things in my army and it could come in handy. But being the money-prick that I am I'm probably building the barbed strangler warrior first.
Going to paint in the morning (No I wasn''t ...I was sleeping :(.

Eureka's season may be done..but check out this website: Made in Eureka
What about a Cryo Kennel: don't leaver your pet..just freeze it. And many more!