Monday, November 20, 2006

Noorderspel (NorthernGame)

2 Tourney days, incl 1 day of stands with all sorts of games. From games that are very very new to the market (like ancient Egyptian game brought to the European market) to older games that still sell but for which there are always new people to attract to the game.

Tournaments I knew off: Warhammer 40K (I organised this one) warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine, DBM, Colonists of Catan, Carcassonne and Munchkin.

Some things went a bit sloppy on saturday so we started an hour late, but nothing too bad. We were with 11 people which made pairing people a bit difficult ;)
I decided that one person had to be put on pause and would catch this up later on. Most of the time I ran around for a bit looking at the ongoing battles getting to know the people who were playing and taking pics. Having had little sleep the night before Erwin & I went home tired as fuck.
I think I started falling asleep on the couch at 8.30 pm or so and after stumbling to bed I think Erwin slept for a bit too. Watched some tv series (go check out aqua teen hunger force ..the most idiotic cartoon ever made).

Next day: the terrain was set up properly so we would be able to start as soon as everybody was in the building. Off course me, Erwin & Rico were a bit late but luckily we weren't the last people to arrive. At 10 am things started off again. I brought my army both days in the hope I would be able to play a game somewhere in between running around.

Some people were finishing their 3rd game around 12 am but a couple of others still needed to finish their last games.
I also found some time to feed my Tyranids. My fleet isn't called Adamantium for nothing so it ate the Iron Warriors that wanted to deny me my 3 feeding counters (seek & hold). I didn't get first turn, which was in a way a good thing. The IW player was unbeaten till now and started firing away a LOT of autocannons at my monstrous creatures which shrugged them off like nothing happened. The tyrant and carni only got one wound from ap2 weaponry. A fairly large group of gaunts were shot away and a ravener got wounded.
In my first turn I was able to run up and even assault 3 nasty obliterators. Thanks to a ridiculous throw I only killed one and received 2 wounds as punishments. With only one wound left I was fearing a bit for my game because there was plenty left to kill. But the second round of combat my tyrant did what it does best: wreak havoc.
It killed the obliterators before they knew what happened, next it whooped the predator tank to tiny bits (6 penetrating hits..booya!). My raveners secured my left flank backed up by 6 remaining stealers flanking the IW's.
The IW HQ's came to an embarassing end. The lieutenant got wooped by about 10 hormagaunts. It just got swamped. The pimped demonprince kinda flunked only dealing 3 wounds to my leaping warriors. In return they dealt 2 rending attacks to the prince. Suddenly the prince turned around...but too late cause a talon from a s3 gaunt was already stuck in it's eye. The 7 or so gaunts that charged him needed 6s to wound, did 1 wound, the prince failed it's save and died.

My tyrant swept through the ranks in the meanwhile supported by a carnifex and a thrope landing some nasty blastmarkers.

In the end my carni stood on a marker, one sq warriors held a marker and my the last one was held by my tyrant. There wasn't much cover, but some wrong decisions, flunky dice and an agressive but restrained attitude got me the game.
I didn't take pics of my game, I did make one of a part of the IW army. It's a long post but see for pics below (gonna update them as soon as I got a mass resizer over here:


Friday, November 03, 2006


I got a kilo of them for only €1,09. Well..their from the cheapest brand..and they call them spicenuts..but that's just a small difference.
They are almost the same and taste darn good. I keep eating and eating and eating them.

If you don't got them or know them...I'm going to put up a decent easy recipe soon.

about the seems like they demand that I should make a breakfast for their boardmembers. Hmm well I've yet to see the written letter but the message cracked me up ;)
I'll soon update 40K'ish stuff.

I posted...and my menu came back :D