Monday, February 26, 2007

Getting stuff done

Although I've not been able to paint as much as I'd like lately, I've actually am getting stuff done!
As you could see in the last post, I finished my Thrope (except for minor touch ups and a varnish layer..) and yesterday I kinda finished by Tyrant Guard. It needs 2 very very small touch ups, a varnish layering..and needs to be put together ;)

Didn't have the time to put it together yesterday evening..cause I apparently lost my wallet in the bus saturday evening (didn't know it yet till I got a call). I got called last night that a nice man from a local town found it in the bus and told me I could pick it up :) Everything was still there!! Got him a nice bottle of wine and a big thanks! Cause it was the 2nd time I lost my wallet in a bus in quite a short while and got it back!!! (the first time every cent of the 20-25 euro's was still there too!) This time I think there wasn't more than 2 euro's in there, and that was also still there :)

I'll try and update saturday morning after taking new (brighter) pics of the thrope and just pics of the Guard. I'm very happy with it, but there are always things to improve of course.

Next project: A carnifex (still have no good magnets), a bunch of gaunts, stealers, a ravener, some rippers, 3 marines, 3 warriors. Won't be bored I guess :)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Zoanthrope and some random stuff

I finished my Zoanthrope :)
Well, I still have to varnish it and add a glue layer to the flock on the base but basically it's done!

Thrope from the right

Thrope from the left

Thrope from the front-left

Thrope head zoom

Thrope from the back

Stuff I'm working on

Stuff I'm working on