Sunday, December 30, 2007

Macabre christmas card

I came across a very macabre christmas card over at Rob's sketchblog

A macabre christmas

It's macabre, but brilliant.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

'On the ground near *me*'

R2K pointed out some strange figures on 'the ground near you' he google-earthed my house. I never saw them before because they are a small block away and I never go there. Oh and the pics are of a crappy quality I know, but I took them with my camera-phone and I was in a hurry.

figure 1

figure 2

Figure 3

figure 4

These mozaiks (sp) represent the neighbourhood which has streetnames like (translated) Saphirestreet, Diamondstreet, Gemstreet, Brilliantstreet (these mozaiks are in this street) etc.

On the ground near me

Like I said in the comments, the entire block in range of the circles is called Briljantstraat (brilliantstreet). Click to enlarge and you'll see. I don't envy first-time postmen in this neighbourhood ;)