Tuesday, July 26, 2005

So ...holidays and everybody's celabratin'

So Erwin is addicted to GTA and has to get up early to deliver newspapers and is busy highlighting some marines and therefore hasn't updated his blog in over a week because he says he has nothing important to report. This ofcourse means he doesn't do anything on the internet except for checking comics and his mail.
So no replies on peoples blogs. The other people are celabrating their holidays and are therefore not posting much. Rico has kinda proclaimed an 'excommunicate' on blogs and next to that he is still (although in a lesser degree) addicted to WoW. Chris....I don't know where he is. Tomorrow I will buy a card and sent it off to the other side of the world just to see if he is still alive....for real.

I myself am busy painting, observing Erwin's addiction, training for Ninjitsu and boosting myself for the oncoming Ninjitsu training in München. I sure hope I survive it intact enough to enjoy the rest of my holidays and might even be able to train on wednesday 10th of august although I think I might skip that one...

In other news: I've almost finished my awesome lictor and as soon as I get hold on a decent digicam again (those from my dad's school have been locked away somewhere he can't find them :( ) I will take pictures and post them.

Oh and Erwin and I will try to get the BfG website up and running again with a brand new lay-out and stufffff.
off to bed now.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Go make a hood!

go check the new Foamy: http://www.illwillpress.com and you will see what I mean.
If you don't know it yet....GO GO GO add it to your favourites.

Just had a great laugh.
And oh yeah also check Sinfest (yes Erwin I'm a fanboy ...even if God hates fanboys...I will still be a fanboy of Sinfest ^^)

Damnit I have spent too much time checking up on too many sites.

Go to http://rules.warpshadow.com/aatyranidtactica.htm
it is an anti-anti-tyranid tactica. I can't state enough how Warpshadow is THÉ most dedicated (although still relatively small in comparence to B&C) community on a 40K race out there. It started on a yahoo group and in the years it travelled to new locations and now it is not only a forum, but also a gallery for everyone who registers, a hobby tips utopia, a huge place of lore and the best Faq on nids online.

oh and they have some great links too.

All hail Warpshadow and it's ever growing number of members (including me offcourse)

oh and Stfu about the spelling of 'offcourse' I'm to lazy to check it.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Building & painting like a madman

- started on my new lictor : base-> white. carapace-> black on one arm. And green.
- gluing a darned gargoyle *CURSES*
- finishing some devgaunts and some fleshborergaunts
- some building/painting on my last leaping warrior and repairing another

In other news: GW has thankfully allowed the use of the characters Red Terror and Ol'one Eye again. Although the OOE has gone up in pricing to 199 because otherwise it would be to cheap to use OOE instead of a Carnifex almost tooled up that way but with a worse regen.

Lists: I've started building lists for my 4th ed nids. They've become more expensive in one place and less expensive in another. Unfortunately I'll have a lot of tuning to do before I will have a nice 1500pts list. But on the other hand I am able to build proper 2000pts lists now. Although something tells me that this is because things got more expensive....

P.S. FEAR my genestealers with carapace. 10 of these cost ya 200pts but they'll rip you apart in now time (6", d6 fleet , 6"assault--> 33 rending attacks)

Are you finished yet???? NO!

Goals for next week:
- Finish morphs for MC's
- Finish leaping warriors incl. morphs
- finish gargoyle (grumble)
- getting well underway with my lictor
- IF I get myself up to it I might even do some basing incl. the Flying Tyrants base again.
- getting a fleshcolor on my Carnifex and deciding on which kind of magnets to use for my Omnifex
- Battle Tau because I really need to figure out if these strange creatures have some useful dna or that I will just use them for plain biomatter. Haven't fought them in a big battle for over a year..and to think he lives like 3 min walking away.

Goals for this holiday (who needs months)
- Get the BfG site back up {it's rubbish now!}
- Finish my uberomni fex.
- Get a broodlord and finish him
- Finish my lictor
- get a new Guard and finish him
- get a new Zoanthrope and finish him
- finish some leftover hormagaunts and other gaunts
- finish some 4th ed Genestealers
- finish lots and lots of bases.
- making a S4 I5 hormagaunt Hive node head sq (what else to do with them).
- oh and if I'm really bored I might paint some rippers.
- TAKING lots of pics.
- Battling Chaos again. And some other players (erwin, another tau guy, maybe even IG if Gerrard gets around to it)

OMG I think this post has been going on for far too long. I'll update later if I finish one or more goals.