Saturday, March 30, 2013

Youtube saturday 30th of March 2013

A very full YTS this week, but worth it. And I coul

Device - You think you know
First track on their to be released album (nót the first single). Loving it.

Ponamero sundown - Curtain call
Like the rough sound of stoner-rock.

Drowning pool - Anytime anywhere
From their new album Resilience. I miss a bit of an edge to the track, but I like it anyway.

Device - Penance
It's a bit of a metal-week I guess. Some say Device = Disturbed,
 because of Drajman, but I think Device definately has their own metal-niche

MatZo and Porter Robinson - Easy
Some great electropop

Anne-Lie Persson - Give in
Local hero (that is, she's been living in NL for 20 years) with footage of my current home town Groningen

Safi and Spreej - Voor u
Belgian rappers. I really like their sound.

Weld 15 -  بوليسية كلاب
I don't know éxactly what they're rapping about, but as far as I know (read) the producers were arrested and at least one of the rappers has fled because the track critized/ the Tunesian police 
accused them of extreme violence and apparently the new government also doesn't take kindly to all too much criticism (and threats as far as I can make out). Spring is no summer yet.

Moving in lines - Union street sessions
Tipped by Josie Charlwood. Probably easier to most peoples ears.

Will Varley - King for a king
Lessons on life. A critical view on our circle of life.

Matatizo - Just a band
From Kenya. Something completely different.

Steve Reich - Electric counterpoint
incl some remixes by dj's featured on I liked MPS Pilot's version best.
There's a great 'festival' in Amsterdam from 3-7th of April which I might have attended in part if I lived in Amsterdam where Reich and other great artists.

Subscribe to: Youtube saturday spotify list - the above will be added this weekend if I can find them, and I'll try again later (Both Drowning Pool's and Device's album hasn't been released yet).

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Youtube saturday 23rd of March 2013

Subscribe to my Youtube saturday Spotify tracklist, it get's updated with the tracks below each week and I check back on a regular basis if I didn't find a track the first time.

Biting Elbows - Bad motherfucker
Youtube removed it for explicit content...what the hell is the explicit rating for if you don't use it :(

Biting Elbows - The stampede
I missed this one back in 2011...guess they made one of these cool vids before :)

Fever Ray - If I had a heart (Vikings theme!)
Vikings is awesome and so is it's theme.
Also...funny how last week's post also featured a song with this title :)

Lulu James - Closer
Pretty cool video and a great song.

30 seconds to Mars - Up in the air
Another lyric-video with a view on our globe.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Youtube saturday 16th of March 2013

AlunaGeorge - Attracting flies
One strange video...

Tv on the radio - Staring at the sun 

Angus and Julia - The beast
Heard 40secs of this in a commercial for 'De Bijenkorf'
and next to a friend, their customer care also helped me to find this track. Thanks again!

Hey Marseilles - Bright stars burning
Very nice song and a cool lyrics video.

Justin Timberlake ft Jay-Z - Suit and tie
I'm sure Barney Stinson agrees with this track wholeheartedly.

RQTN - Passenger

Marteria, Yasha and Miss Platnum - Feuer
Cool wordplay :)

Andy Burrows - If I had a heart
Beautiful song, but wondering how some commenters can call it lovely or cute....

Gabrielle Aplin - Panic cord
Another sad love story, although the ending isn't as bad as in Burrows' video.

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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Youtube saturday 9th of March 2013

A bit late with creating the post, so just click and listen.

Paloma Faith  - Black and blue
Great song, great story. So many people, so many problems. Voice reminds me of Macy Gray.

Biffy Clyro - Biblical

Bastille - Pompeii

Phillip Phillips - Home

Filthzilla ft Josie Charlwood - Chrome
You can buy the album for 5 pounds (or more) at:
Filthzilla's bandcamp page

Shak - Maybe, u
Made by a young Dutch producer.

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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Youtube saturday 2nd of March 2013

Also, you can check most of the tracks (if I can find them) on my Youtube Saturday spotify list

Andrew Huang - Rock paper scissors
Even the synth sound is made with paper apparently.
Check out his channel for more videos with strange 'instruments' (1000 pants for instance).

Stornoway - Knock me on the head
A song with strange twists

Jake Bugg - Seen it all
A cheerful song

Fall out boy - My songs know what you did in the dark (light em up)
Club hit

Mt. Wolf - Cry wolf
I réally love the sound of Mt Wolf.

Nelly Furtado - Bucketlist
I hope there's a radio edit out there without the intro, not that I don't like it..but it breaks it up in a playlist.

Dido ft Kendrick Lamar
The contrast between Dido and Lamar is a bit big at times, but I like the track.

Stone Sour - A rumor of skin
Didn't like the new released single well enough, but this one makes the cut :)

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