Monday, May 30, 2005


I've finished 10 more gaunt bodies. I left the arms/weapons off because I will decide about that after I've read the codex thoroughly. I hope the new codex will be here next saturday...but probably not. I only got 4 gaunt bodies and some rippers left. And I have one last leaping warrior to put together. This one, and two others also need their talons added but I left them off...yeah you guessed it: because I'm waiting for the codex.

So my modelling/painting is entirely themed by waiting for the codex and making decissions afterwards.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

The leaper on the rock

I think this one 'rocks'.

No fancy green stuffing just good old nature. I haven't put any talons on because I haven't seen the new codex yet so I don't know which biomorphs I have to stick on to put the warrior up to stats.

even more pics

The Flying Tyrant and some leaping warriors. Just for if you are to lazy to go to my photobucket you can see a preview here.

That's my Tyrant in full glory attacking a plasma cannon marine of Erwin, the guy in the red shirt - not an ACTUAL red shirt :P

And a close up of the necron corps as far as Necrons have corpses.
As with the Beermarines, there are more pics on my photobucket on which you can comment here of course (no moaning about moldlines :P )

FINALLY!!! a decent digicam

We finally borrowed a decent digicam. Without having to make tons of pics for one or two pics I can make decent photo's of my models.

I don't know how to post images here yet so I'll try a bit.

This is the (in)famous Beer marine.

This is where it actually says BEER :P

If you want to see the pics better go to my photobucket, see link to the right.
I'll make a new post for my other pics.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

It's been a while

As Chris, I too didn't post for ages.
I did however, paint some gaunts and some gaunts and some more gaunts.
I did the occasional battle damage repairs and made my first ever base cover (yeah really, I only had black bases).

I've got tons of gaunts to finish, that is the details. Leaving the arms off and unpainted till the codex is in my grasp and know what will be smart to paint. I know I'm lazy but painting just every arm that I've got in stock isn't a good way of spending my time.
In the meanwhile I've been fighting a couple of battles with a relatively good win-loss ratio. My Flying Tyrant finally did some good by kicking ass (see some short battle reports at TF - link to the right)
The rest of the week was spent at being addicted at World of Warcraft. We could use an account of a friend for the duration of his holidays.
This evening he phoned to tell us he was back, what meant....we would have to do a cold turkey getting 'clean' session. Meh....I seriously think about getting my own WoW and then the world will fear the Beens Guild or something.