Monday, September 27, 2010

Finally: BA!

As some might know, it took me a damn while with doing other usefull and less usefull things through the years, but finally I now (since the 17th of september) have my BA in Communications!
Some don't care much for the BA because the only thing they look at is the MA, but they are shortsighted. I can honestly say I'm proud to have received this one.

All suited up

So..I sign here?

Hmm ok

super secret handshake and it's done

On the stairs of the Academie building (main university building for academic ceremonies, they've got classrooms in there too though)

Brought some support

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Youtube Saturday: Hurts - Better than love

This band was live on the radio channel I tune into almost every day and I liked it.

Also have a look over at their myspace.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Hague

On 2 september I visited a friend in The Hague and decided to go into town the next day. It's been a while since I was in The Hage. I visited the gardens near the governmental buildings because there was an outdoor photo gallery which was really worth checking out, but I didn't want to take photo's of photo's.

There was however a statue of Johan van Oldenbarnevelt which was worth taking a snapshot of.

the Hofvijver (court pond...)

The so called 'torentje'(small tower) which acts as the office for the prime minister

The Mauritshuis (but you could read that yourself) which has a major collection of famous paintings.

Overview of the governmental buildings. Quite satisfied with this photo.

The portal to the Binnenhof, the square with doors to the governmental buildings

The formation of the government has taken around 100 days already and there were bound to be some politicians running around followed by the press and random people flocking together trying to get a glance.

Just a couple of people waiting for, well no one knew except the press

The Press was pressed in a corner, the wrong corner though

Stay calm people! It's just a guy taking a long time to get the job done.

Snapshots of Rutte *not Verhagen as I stated earlier..*, I didn't stick around to hear a no comment, I can catch those on the 8 o'clock news.


One of the nicer buildings on the Binnenhof:

I also walked around the local Chinatown and at first wanted to go to the beach near The Hague, but decided I was tired and took the train back to Groningen.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

A decent update!

The Hadrians Walk update has to wait a bit longer, but if this isn't a good update for this blog then I don't know what is.

The thing is, I've been filling up my time with lots of stuff. Watching Avatar the last airbender after the Gomiso spam of Dan and Lee convinced me to start watching it. I've been to The Hague to visit a friend and trying to take a snapshot of one of our future governmental leaders (well..when they finally finish squabling), I'll show those pics in a later post.

More importantly I've been busy on quite a big warhammer 40k project. Next to painting 2 more gargoyles in a fraction of the time I took earlier, I've been busy painting and building a Trygon. I know, the name says nothing. Therefor I present:
The tail:


Torso with 2 heads:
Trygon magnetized

1 of the heads (Mawloc for those in know)
Mawloc hoofd
Torso with Trygon head:
Trygon Tortoise

While typing up this post I've glued tail and torso which makes it stand almost 6" high, dwarfing practically everything else in my army. I hope to have the entire módel finished by the end of next week. The base is a project in itself, I'll try and get the plans for those around, they should be really worthwile.