Sunday, December 31, 2006

An anonymous model

I got this one in a goodybag at the last tournament I organised.
I think it belongs to some random game but I don't know which one, but I found it a bit sad not to paint him.



I painted it in a short afternoon and was quite happy about it :)

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Oliebollen etc

I thought I posted about oliebollen last year..but I guess I didn't.
It was even a year earlier when we made pics of oliebollen and appelflappen to show TAS what we eat on the last day of the year.

but I found this website:

Dutch stuff

This one links to a recipe for oliebollen but there's lots and lots more on this site.

I'll search for 'appelflappen' cause I couldn't find them directly on this site.
For now just a pic: Appelflappen

Gonna eat lots and lots and lots and lots of em!!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Spore Chimney

I've been searching for a bit (on warpshadow and on google) for people who made spore chimney's from scratch.

I couldn't find any pictures or tutorials so I decided I would just start trying to build one (or more) myself. I’m no modelling hero and I find even thinking about how to make this one hard enough so I just decided to start building.

I've borrowed Foam cutter
this gigantic polystyrene cutter (melter actually) from my dad's work to cut polystyrene blocks in the right shape.

You can get smaller versions of these cutters for modelling purposes or make a bigger one yourself with a power supply, a metal wire and something where you span the wire between (for instance the arc of a figure saw).

I looked at the pictures at the inside of the cover of the codex and on page 60 to get an idea how to build them. this is one from the Warstore).

I’ve decided to cut a polystyrene block into a narrow spire and add bended pieces of plastic card to it. But first to get the hang of it I started building a small version with only one block: small piece
This one.

The problem is that you have to measure stuff for a spire(not every spire has to be the same of course) to fit the pieces of plastic card to it without getting pieces which stick out too much.
Plastic card
My first part wasn't exactly the shape I want the others to become, but satisfactory for the global idea (it actually looks like a piece of carapace).

Adding the bubbles and carapace points to it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
Base coated
Base coated.

bubbles & stuffadded stuff

so far so good
thing + pieces coated.

I'll update the blog as soon as I've finished this try out. I'll make a spire about 6 times as high eventually where the plasticcard is shaped a bit differently. But cutting out the plasticard happened to be quite easy so that shouldn't be a problem.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Nids vs DA (tooled anti-nid)

Fighting an anti-you tooled army is always a bit of a certain death if your list isn't a powerplay list.

Flyrant (at 209)
2x3 leaping warriors (45 p warrior)
16 hormy's, 17 hormy's, 18 spinegaunts
10 stealers
2 Raveners
1 lictor
1 Carni with a strangler
2 Thropes with synapse & blast

1 Libby with Fear of the darkness? (the make a line d3 attacks thingie)
6 sq's with one heavy weapon each (lass, rocket, hbolters..those) and special weapons. 5 marines in size
3x 2 ravenwing speeders with ass canon + Hbolter.
2 whirlwinds
1 vindicator

Thankfully I got first turn. Running up was the only thing to do except taking a bit of cover where possible. My tyrant was shot down in turn 1. Well..that wasn't unexpected with all that rending! It was like charging 3 angry CC carnifexes at an Landraider.

My 2nd turn saw the lictor show his head ...and claws ripping off the weapon from 1 whirlwind. A ravener flanked the other whirlwind destroying it. Gaunts ran up charging but not killing a lot..(darn dice). A thrope downed a speeder. The other ravener charged a sq.

3rd/4th/5th turn: a lot of stuff got shot to pieces (1sq warriors and some other stuff).
I think I took out the vindicator here with my carni (or it could have been 4th turn). Spinegaunts took a wound from the libby. The lictor was busy finishing a sq and on the other flank stealers, gaunts and a ravener were busy mopping up the remaining sqs of marines.

I charged 2 speeders with 2 warriors..but they were slamming air and got shot in return. The Carni was shot to splatters by all the rending stuff and Hbolters.

In the end only 5 speeders survived and a whirlwind without weapons.
So the only thing was my problem taking out those speeders..I should have brought my walking could have taken a shot at those speeders (3 shots to be exactly). This make me renew my wish for a finished devilfex which could also have dealt with the speeders a bit easier 8x re-roll to hit 18'assault S6 weapons could have done the trick. Maybe I should have kept my tyrant in safer waters..but on the other hand it would have been shot down anyway. I should have finished the tank with my lictor..(instead of leaving it counting towards victory points)..not that it really mattered. My thropes should have concentrated on taking out the speeders whenever they could.

All in all I think I've done quite well against such an overkill.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Noorderspel Pics uploaded!

I could make a lot of links down here..
But I could also just make 1 link to my photobucket and you can use slideshow thing to watch all pics in succession.

Noorderspel 2006 pics

It's just a selection ...otherwise I would have to upload the odd 50 pics on there. And these are the best ones.

Most stupid thing..I didn't take pics of the game I played in the spare time ..darn.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My blog???

is having serious problems..

I couldn't visit my own blog for the last 2 days...

Next to that..haven't been at home for more than just sleeping since monday.
Updates ARE coming..I'll just have to make some time.
damn real life sometimes..

Friday, December 01, 2006

40K stuff...ages ago

sounds contradicting ey..

Well I did paint some stuff last weekend: making my beermarines..(beermarine.

I'll paint some more this weekend.

But anyway...I promised PICS!!!
LOL..gonna have to up em later...photobucket is on maintenance :D
Hmm I might even make a selection..of the selection..21 pics is still a bit much.
I'll be back later.

Spicenuts or peppernuts recipe!!!

hmm I guess the site with the pic didn't like me linking there pic or something.
But recipe!!

Kruidnoten (spicenuts..)
150 g butter
125 g brown sugar
10 g speculaas spices
250 g self-rising flower
1/2 teaspoon salt
4 teaspoons milk

Knead all ingredients (except the milk ) together and add so much milk that the mix is getting smooth. Make small balls (no bigger than a marble) from the paste, lay them on baking paper (on the plate for in the oven) and flatten them a bit.
Bake them in 15-20 minutes light brown on about 160 celcius--> 320 Fahrenheit).

Let them cool down a bit and EAT!!!

200 g flower
1/2 teaspoon baking powder (?)
a tiny bit of salt
150 g stroop (hmm I don't have my Dutch English dictionary within hand's reach..babelfish told me this :) )

2 teaspoons cinnamonpowder
1 teaspoon clovepowder
1 teaspoon grinded note nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon grinded korianderseed

Zeef (use this: zeef) the flower with the bakingpowder in a bowl. Make a small pot-hole in the middle and put the stroop and the spices in it. Stir everything good and make a firm paste.

Make small balls from the paste, lay them on baking paper (on the plate for in the oven) and flatten them a bit.
Bake them in 15 minutes light brown on about 160 degrees celcius --> 320 Fahrenheit). Let them cool down and EAT :D

There's always discussion on which are better...personally most of the time people buy spicenuts and call them peppernuts nonetheless. I like them best I guess..but also like real peppernuts.

Have fun!

P.S. for those who want..I cán send spicenuts /peppernuts from a store by airmail..home made ones will crumble most likely I guess..and they are far better if you make home home ;)