Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gmail size counter

I hate math and most things number related, but I do get a smile when I see certain number combinations. The amount of space I have on my Gmail account might give one of those combinations soon.

Last week it was this:

--> 7587.748937 and counting.

I'm waiting for it to turn: 7654.321000 (and take a snapshot of it). I know 9876.543210 would be cooler, but that's not gonna happen for at least another year and a half... or so.


Thursday, May 12, 2011


A tag on everyone by Idaho Dad got me to take this photo of my mugs.


From left to right.
- A mug from the Christmasmarket in Oldenburg.

- A mug with my name on it

- A mug with Marco van Basten on it (this one's quite old, at least 22 years old dating back to the 1988 European Championship Football)

- Brachiosaurus - there was a whole range of these must be around 15 years old too.

- A mug with my mugshot. Well, actually the photo is part of a family photo. My brother has one with his face, my parents with theirs (together) and my sister and her bf one with theirs (together)

Thinking about it, only the last mug isn't that old, the rest are around 10 years or older.


Saturday, May 07, 2011

A package from across the Atlantic

For some reason I can't exactly remember Arkonbey promised to make a drawing of something of my choosing. It took me a while to think of something but then I thought it would be cool if he made a drawing of Robot Chicken. For those who don't know who or what Robot Chicken is you could simply describe it as a series of sketches which parody popculture from the last 30 years featuring shows ranging from He-man or GI Joe till the Gummibears. It's just brilliant. The intro shows the Robot Chicken:

I'll always be a little bit jealous on people who can draw in this way since I can't draw for shit. But I'm happy to have these kind of things on my wall. Arkonbey ofcourse managed to make a brilliant piece:
robot chicken

Next to that he sent some candy along which tasted really nice:
Pure Maple Candy

Slightly comparable with the Dutch 'Stophoest' (stopcough) but different
It's made from Maple stuff from Maple trees. Overhere we've also got maple trees (Esdoorn) but wikipedia told me there are over 160 different kinds - I don't think we've got the same.

He also sent a cd of homemade music which is as cool as it gets and it's also quite good! Finally to top it off I got a pinhole camera which is basicly a photocamera without a lens and therefore is always in focus (according to the instructions). I'll definately have a go with it.

Oh and as a PS... it was all accompanied by a handwritten letter and how often do you still get these, really appreciated!

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