Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm a lazy consumer

Today I've bought my first printer (printed at the faculty uptill's cheap etc) and while I was installing this marvel of technology I thought about the fact that I'm one of thé easiest/laziest consumers you can think of.

I'm really the simple consumer who walks into the Mediamarkt (for those who dón't know this, it's Europe largest retailer for consumer electronics) for basicly any electronic thing I need.

Since last September I got the following: a LP-player, card-reader, headset, 1.5TB harddisk, mp3 player (yes..I actually bought a cheap mp3 player to be able to listen to the Midmo Club's podcasts on my way to work, I'm still sticking to my mp3-discman for the rest!) and a printer.

So next to the fact that apparently I spent too much of my hard earned money on does that make me a lazy consumer?
Well I'll explain it with the example of how I bought my printer today.

Last weekend I decided that I needed (wanted..) a printer. So the Mediamarkt is an obvious choice to take a look (yeah right..'take' a buy). I walked in, hey..those pile of printers (a specific Canon Printer on offer) set apart look like a good deal. Hmm let's take a look at the other printers 5m down the printer-footpath. Hmm, yeah, more expensive, hmm so many options it'll take me an hour to figure out if I want this, hmm do I want to take that time or just buy the cheap plug&play printer that prints A4 text (and scans)....

Back to the pile of printers..fuck it, let's take this one. I kinda already knew this when I walked down the footpath. I knów they do this on purpose (well duh!) but that's how it works when I want to buy something. I obey the simplest marketing rules off all.
Cheap: check, set-apart: check, simple: check. Ok I'll take it.

I'm lazy like that. I know what I want to buy, I know I want it cheap with basic functions, I'll take the first offer I see where I'd probably be better off if I take a closer look somewhere in the pile of other products, I don't ask too many questions although I did ask what the 'Pay attention to USB cable' sign on every printer felt like the advice to plug in the usb cable or it won't work* and I buy the product.

* was kinda smart that I asked... They don't get you a seperate USB cable with a printer anymore, you need to get one for 5€. Supposedly (according to the salesguy) printercompanies decided that they won't include usb cables anymore. I assume because 'everybody' already has enough of these cables. Only the ones I've got are too short or are in use..and I don't want to switch cables everytime I want to use a different device.

*next up: a size comparison of the Gargoyle vs something..don't know yet..maybe this weekend..

Monday, May 24, 2010


Finally, a new model finished. I'm fairly happy with how the wings turned out. I didn't know how to paint them and just went with ink and I liked it. The pictures of course showed some small painting errors which I might correct, but then'll have to look really close to see them..ssst.








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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Youtube Saturday: Grynch - My Volvo

Just plain awesome. Some hiphop was long overdue.

I wás gonna make a post about The Lonely Island..but this one (no matter how awesome The Lonely Island is) smashed them away.
But as you've got nothing better to do..look up 'jizz in my pants', 'I'm on a boat' and the oldy 'Like a boss'.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Youtube Saturday: Blue Öyster Cult - Me 262

I know, this is not a new track by far. But for anyone who didn't already know, I'm a really big fan of the Blue Öyster Cult and just got their 'biography' in the mail and thought I'd post this for the youtube saturday just because I can and because it's not the most well known track but still great.

Oh and I also like the fan-made video.'

* find time to read this book..I think under work time shouldn't be too big of a problem.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ninja's can fly

As some of you might know I do martial arts. Of course we know that we just train hard and aren't ninja's like in the movies. But it's nice to fool the world at least for a weekend so at the end of April I went to Austria for a weekend and the majority of the photo's I took proof that we can fly.









Next to flying, we are also strong enough to carry the world, but well I don't have to tell you people how awesome ninja's are.
Carrying the world
*ok, so I've flipped the photo..sssst!

We trained in this beautiful environment btw

Oh and I facebooked this photo a while ago, but I thought I'd post it again.
Germans got funny numberplates *click to with all btw*

Friday, May 07, 2010

Youtube saturday: Aloe Blacc - I need a dollar

I've mentioned earlier as a great source of new music and it has proved itself again this week.

I've posted 2 video's because you should watch the first video and turn of the sound and play the 2nd video for the music. The thing is, about 3 minutes in, the first video switches to a bit of a remix which I personally like less than the other version. If you've got the time, check both of course :) The embedded vid is a widescreen..maybe you'd like to open it in a newscreen..

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Barry? I'm not sure if Lee knew this..

It's been 2 weeks since my strange participation in the midmopodcast. It took a while before I listened to the endproduct (which is awesome btw), because I was away on holidays and had some problems with my pc so that's why I postponed this post till now.

It reminded me again that somehow Lee & Dan were unable to pronounce my name correctly. I know Dutch isn't the easiest language to learn and apparently that's an excuse to just rename me. So Lee decided that 'Barry' would be a good replacement name. Don't ask me how he came up with that, but they stuck with it.

Only a day and a half later my housemate (the guy who put the right plug from my headset in so I was able to do the podcast) came acros this:

Barry the giant sea worm

I double dare you to click that and read up on what a Barry is. I'm not sure if Lee and or Dan knew about this. Watch it, I bite :P

*..Lee came up with I edited the entire post..

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Youtube 'saturday': Mr Scruff - Keep movin'

Youtube saturday leaks into sundayevening overhere..but what's in a name.
This track comes from the Hôtel Costes series (cd 2 out of 6) which have a jazzy-pop sound to them which probably won't be broadcasted on national radio because it's just out of the normal pop range. I really like the Hôtel Costes series. Listen to it as background music, or just loud as a bit of party music, it just works!

I got this from my friend over at italktoomuchtoo.