Saturday, April 23, 2011

Youtube saturday - now for something completely different is one of my main sources for new music. Sometimes it's hard to find the stuff on youtube to link it here, and sometimes it's there for the linkin'...
A problem with relatively new normal videoclip, which on the bright side means you can do other things in the meanwhile while you're listening.

Mastiksoul - Yakuba (Moombahton edit)
It's been 'summer' for a week now (well..spring, but temps are up!) and this fit my mood today. Just makes you want to move - and coming from me, that says something ;)

Korn ft Skrillex - Get up
I've been a latecomer to appreciate dubstep but I've been listening in for a while now. I'm more of a rock fan normally and that's maybe why it shouldn't have surprised me that I kinda like this

That's it for today.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Battlereport from the past...

First of all, if you don't understand (or want to understand) much of the whole 40k wargaming, you might want to skip this post because it's hard to make sense of even with a basic knowledge of the game. Without it, it's probably just boring :)

Next time, I'll just take a notepad, it makes things that much easier. Also turn-by-turn photo's should help..A LOT.
Battle report 24-2 (so yeah, I wrote this of and one about 1,5-2 months after the fact..
1500pts Tyranids vs Chaos

Disclaimer: history is written by the victor - and what are minor skirmishes for the Hive Mind that's been around longer than it can remember. Furthermore, we didn't write anything down so I'm not exactly sure about the exact order of events (nor if there were 6 or 7 turns..), but next to that it's pretty accurate.

Turn 1
The sun was just rising when the winged tyrant landed behind a building accompanied by a restless group of venomgaunts. The Hive mind calmed their minds forcing them to be patient. Across the field they could see chaos marines setting up in a small row of trees. A psychic nudge told it that the majority of the battlegroup had arrived. Zoanthropes hovered into position, another squad of venomgaunts ran up and on the far right flank a mighty carnifex flanked by two variations of warriors marched up the field in the shadows of a small group of gargoyles swooping in sight. Now that the majority of the battlegroup was marching up to the entrenched chaos marines, the zoanthropes were charging up to fire some preliminary blasts when a terrible pain stung one of them. Only by reinforcing it's bond with the other zoantrope's warpfield it averted a grievous wound.

Still growling a rhino transport drove up and skidded to a halt flanked by more marines. The smell was horrible. On the far left a clanking sound told of the presence of a Dreadnought which made a screaming sound as it ran forward as if it had gone mad. The Hive mind was wary of this strange tactic, but then again, chaos was known for its incomprehensible schemes. The marines seemed blinded by the low sun failing to wound any creature significantly.

Turn 2
The tyrant searched for the minds of the two groups of genestealers which were supposed to press the flanks of anyone they would come across, they were still to far away. Without backup, the Tyrant and the venomgaunts ventured even further into enemy territory. On the right flank the gargoyles took a shot at the marines in the forest but the power armour clad warriors were too well dug in. As the zoanthropes moved further into position, this time they were better prepared for the dangers that come along with tapping into the warp, blasting aside trees and marines alike as the powers from the warp struck home.

Shortly after the first skirmishes the tyrant picked up somekind of signal from the opposing force, but no reply came. A warning of things to come. With screeching brakes one of the Rhino's came to a halt on the left flank and a squad of marines jumped out carrying flamers which immediately started scorching the venomgaunts. Kept in check by the synapse field they hardly flinched as some ran around in flames before falling down.

Just as they were back in order the dreadnought screamed out in madness again and lumbered straight into them throwing some around and stomping on others. The tyrant realized the venomgaunts would be defenseless, but it forced them to keep flinging themselves at it so it wouldn't be able to escape. Hopefully it could be dealt with later.

On the right flank Daemons appeared out of nowhere and charged and killed all the gargoyles, but not before they spat their venom in the eyes of 3 of their kind blinding and eventually killing them.

Turn 3
Contact. Both groups of genestealers were close now. The broodlord and it's group let out a roar as they ran up on the left side and the other brood came up on the right side, immediately smelling the daemons' scent with gargoyleblood still clinging to them.

The few Chaos marines still in the forest got another beating from the zoanthropes, they were seeing their squadmembers die one by one. Once the genestealers picked up on the smell of the daemons they ran forward and in the blink of an eye ripped them apart, the daemons were outnumbered and outclassed. The broodlord and the rest of it's brood on the left flank sensed the need for them to hurry, so they ran full speed and charged into the remaining marines, killing the last ones.

In the meantime the dreadnought kept flinging venomgaunts through the air or crushing them in its claw, but they wouldn't falter. If only they could hold on a little while longer...

From Turn 4 I'm not sure if events happened in the 4th or other turns sometimes - so it's one story. The Hive Mind somehow lost psychic contact with the carnifex (aka: I can't remember how or when it died), it's body was found later and dragged into the biopools.

The tyrant was bleeding badly from the powerfist that had crushed its ribs, but the broodlord and genestealers had come just in time to save it from a killing blow. With lightening speed they'd dealt with the last of the marines who had been fighting so furiously.

While the genestealers on both the left and the right flank consolidated their positions looking for new prey, the tyrant saw the venomgaunts were holding on by their teeth (litteraly), it stretched it's wings and swooped silently within striking range of the crazed Dreadnought. For a second a rattling noice of it's neural processors could be heared picking up on the danger from behind, but before it could react the tyrant had stabbed away at the armour completely destroying every possible function. The venomgaunts had fulfilled their task, this would be good genetic knowledge for the future.

All of a sudden the genestealers saw flash and heard a loud zooming noice...startled they looked at the same spot where just a moment before there had been nothing but air. Typhus and it's terminator squad let loose a violent burst of bolterfire and the genestealers were nothing more than drips of gore. The tyrant, sensing this loss urged the other brood of venomgaunts onwards to this new arrived threat.

The left flank was almost completely cleared,except for an immobile transport. The zoanthropes moved up to assist if necessary. The second brood of venomgaunts charged straight into the terminators forced by the will of the Hive Mind. Before they could land a single blow Typhus swung it's scythe cutting them apart but suddenly he let out a roar, somehow the cursed weapon had blistered it's hands. This weapon apparently was very powerful but not without a price. As the terminators and gaunts clashed violently the numbers of the gaunts dwindled fast, but the mighty terminators succumbed one by one to the many quick stabs. A final swipe from Typhus treaturous weapon finished the battle as he stepped out from under a pile of gore.

The sun was shining hard on the battlefield and after a day of hard pressed fighting the end of this skirmish seemed near. The tyrant was badly injured, if it would hold back it would be able to heal again. Still, avenging the cost in precious biomatter which the scythe wielding terminator had inflicted, pressed it onward.

Being careful not to overload, it tapped into the warp again, all but paralyzing the last remaining foe. As it stammered on the field two of the zoantrhopes tapped into the warp together focussing in two strong blasts. The power almost overwhelmed them causing one shot to miss, the other one struck the terminator full on. It started burning away it's main armour and after only a second's delay even it's reinforced armour lit up. As Typhus got hit, he almost immediately knew this was the end. That infernal rotting wound he got earlier from wielding the scythe weakened his armour. With a roar he flew backwards, a bright flash was the last thing he saw as his armour evaporated. He was no more.

The tyrant would be able to heal and send a signal back to the fleet, new groups needed to be bred. The biopools would feed the ships and send over the genetic knowledge aquired.

Type: Annihilation = killpoints
Result: Tyranids win: 9 (all) - 4

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Friday, April 15, 2011


Last summer, after finishing the walk, I went to Warhammer World in Nottingham and there I visited Bugman's bar and bought the Bugman mini. You can give him either an axe or a barstool - we all know that the stool is way cooler.

Bugman comes with it's own scenic base. Pissed off like only a true dwarf can be when you spill his beer, he swings the barstool at the villain who caused this alcohol abuse.
Bugman front

Bugman top

Bugman back

I was really tempted to buy Bugman's leather beer mug, but it was a bit on the expensive side.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hive Guards

Even more warhammer 40k. I know - it looks like I'm doing nothing but painting instead of trying to finish my study this year. I just took some photo's just now - that's all..really.

Hive Guard 1: the left arm wasn't long enough to reach the gun so I made a make-shift 3rd part on the arm. Not entirely happy, but not too unhappy with it either.
HIve Guard 1 left

Hive Guard 1

Hive Guard 2: the photo came out dark, fixed it a bit with some editing. The arm on this one was better, and just reaches the gun which almost looks like it fits so I left it at that - you can't see it on this photo anyways.
Hive Guard 2

Hive Guard 1 & 2: dark photo, but I'm to lazy to fix it or get a new one.
Hive Guard 1 and 2

These guys should make taking out vehicles a bit easier. #1 already scored a landspeeder and a half, a dreadnought a tank and an instakill on a captain :)

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trygon - Prime - Mawloc photo's

I worked on this model for aprox. 4 months before it was finished. Because I magnetized the heads and put the different tails on a pin you can easily switch between Trygon, Trygon Prime or Mawloc.


Trygon Prime
Trygon Prime

Mawloc (I found out at the last moment that I had to reposition the talons to make the head fit)

Below is a close up of the base of the model.
I have also made a Trygon marker base where the Imperial Guard have repaired the propaganda add (a poster featured in the 3rd ed codex) that has been shattered here. The markerbase is finished except for the guard models themselves. I'll post it when it's done.

Trygon base

As for size comparison - it stands about 6"(15cm) tall.

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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Youtube saturday 9-4-2011 (ddmmyyyy)

It's been ages since I've updated and that's kinda strange since I've had a lot of time. I've been solliciting for an internship and finally got one, it took 1,5-2 months. I'm back on track and so will this blog!

Youtube saturday is just an easy way to start up posting again. I've got material for 3-4 different kind of posts. Updates wíll follow.

Game ft Lil'wayne - Red nation

The dance part is ofcourse an easy cover, but I like this remix with a beat on it. Game's namedropping, but well he does it well. Reminds me to listen to his stuff again.

J Cole - Killer

Sounds a bit lyrically inspired by Queen's 'Mama'. A soft dramatic beat with a story-telling rap on top.

Enough rap..
Oh my! - Run this town

Catchy, pop, strong. This describes it.

The Mountain goats - Never quite free

The mountain goats tend to sound a bit melancholic but hopeful.
Also check an older song of theirs 'International small arms traffic blues' (used in the tv series Weeds) which has the most crazy ways of talking about how strong/deep/whatever 'his' love is.