Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bouncing boy

Just bouncing of the walls here for a sec.
I'm going to bike for a while and clear my head.

I can see my house!!!

at least, almost. I got myself and a Spanish girlfriend up to climbing the Martini tower. You could see all over Groningen. It had been a while since I last climbed up. I guess I was a lot smaller then, because now I had to duck and duck and duck just to prevent myself from banging my head. It was great and we took some pictures.

Back to 40K. I did some small painting yesterday, just some base coloring. Nothing big. I've got a bit of a cold which supresses my eagerness to get my new models done :( . And that when the weather is actually quite good.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Nids update

Ok here goes.

I've finished some Devourer gaunts, some fleshborer gaunts and I'm trying to finish some leaping warriors. I've finally started adding the necessary biomorphs (darn toxin sacs...who cares about Pete Haines if you can order a killwhore to kill Jess Goodwin)
I've also started gluing my Carnifex together. It's huge and scary. Haven't decided yet what to permanently stick to it, because of this Erwin has accused me of dressing the carni up like girls do with barbies ;) ...what can I say my Carni is just a big mean Ken. What's up in the 'To Buy'? 1 White Dwarf 307, Tyrant Guard, Lictor, Broodlord, Zoanthrope and a lictor. What's up next to build? The carnifex, genestealers guessed it: more gaunts ^_^

oh and Erwin, go make a pic of the GW Rome!!!! And make a pic of a Italian 40K rulebook just for Albert's nostalgic feelings heheheheheh

Monday, June 20, 2005

Melllllting I'm mmmmellllting.

Ok so it's DARN HOT.
Over 30 degrees celsius. Sweat running down my face and back. And just now I have to study for an exam. Real nice.
Thankfully this weather brings along less cloths for the women on the street (and in the library) so now and then I get distracted in a good way.

Didn't bring my 40k with me except for my codex which is kinda sweet, but it makes me re-do every list I ever made because carni's just got expensive (that is if you want a very nice fex...and I want it!). They make you pay for it...but 5w, T7 regen, carapace is worth the cost.

Saturday, June 18, 2005


1 I think I passed an exam that at first I didn't think I passed!!!!
only 9 errors in 32Q's. The guy said 10 should be enough.

You got what????

The codex of course you morons!!!!I'll update later.

Friday, June 17, 2005

2 things that made my day

1 Erwin(chech his blog) notifying me on the war between and the author of Pvp / Penny Arcade.
The outcome: CAD rules, the author of pvp/pa is a big arrogant bastard who is a sore loser.

2 I was watching foamy ( - go check it you infidels!) this morning...made me laugh a great deal. Especially the Germaine stalker dude. I almost forgot about it untill I saw foamy listed in my fav's again and decided to check it again (I mean who can understand Pilzy the first time). The stalker dude was talking about a website with nude pics of Germaine. If you have watched foamy for a while, you know this is a topic that keeps coming back in the so called fanmail and Foamy and Germaine both rant about it - IT WON'T HAPPEN! But the stalking dude proclaims he has a website . So as the bored mofo that I am at 11pm ...I decide to, just for the fun of it, check if this url really exists. Whaddayaknow...I almost fell from my chair laughing when I found out that the makers of Foamy really made this website. Go check it out you horny know you want to.

Alas (or thank god) nude pics of Germaine :P But it is funny though.

Ok I've been plugging just to many websites today. Off to bed...after I check how people took my CAD promotion tour on the pvp/pa boards ^^

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Carnifex a la Moloch

I just saw the pics of the carnifexes of Marco Schultze (Moloch) -> Please DON'T go there, why you ask me? Because it won't matter how I try to paint my carnifex or model things or make a great will look CRAP compared to what this guy did. Maybe it's just a short depressing post here...but I'm UNWORTHY!!!!!!
If you really want to pee your pants....go ahead take a look at his site and check out the 'New' part on his site, especially the Godzilla army. This guy really knows how to make models scary.

*runs away never to be seen again*....ok maybe I'll return in a couple of days.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Short update

I started painting up my Carnifex. That is spraying white undercoat and later on adding black undercoat to the carapace of the torso. Put the torso together. That's it for now.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Space Hulk is back!

It's still a bit unofficial but it's back nonetheless!
The rules are online on the US GW site: . When I get around to it I will certainly have a good read on how this works. Rico should have enough terminators to face some genestealers (or atleast that's what I'll let him think).
It will be fun to play in the summer holidays. I'm looking forward to building my Fex with carapace that is. I don't care if it costs a lot, 3+ save is crappy and will make a T7, 5W critter still vulnerable. I think I might make a 2+, T7,5W regen fex with venom canon and talons or crushing claws and some other CC thingies. Oh boy this is gonna cost but it will be terrifying.

Also have a look at pre-3rd Ed models and their background. Especially the first rippers are very funny:

I think I will use some lictors also because they now can deepstrike without scattering further then the edge of a terrain piece and can still assault. So that's that for putting basilisks directly behind cover.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Darn busy

Because I'm quite busy atm with 'exams' at the end of the year...I might have the battleforce, but it'll have to wait untill I have time to get painting with it. The motivation is there, don't get me wrong. But if I start indulging myself in painting nids I won't be able to pass a single test before my Carnifex is up and bashing. And by the way the codex will only be released until next weekend (11th of june) and I will probably have to wait untill half of July!!! for the broodlord. Meh, my army isn't going nowhere..I hope. Just postin'.

Thursday, June 02, 2005


HA! I bought it. Which means I'll be living on water and bread. Oh wait thankfully I've been saving this money for about a year. The stealers are nice. No longer do I have to mind about how I put the arms, the positioning has become far easier. The models are far more detailed. The battleforce also included the HUGE! Carnifex. The talons on the new monstrous sprue are bigger than the old ones, but the Fex ones are even bigger. The base is bigger than the old carni base. I can't stop talking about it because it's just this big! If this thing can't flip over a tank, I don't know what can.

Also bought the WD 306 with a nice battlerep tyranids facing IG. The tyranid made a couple mistakes: 1 not taking carapace for his monstrous creatures, if he had they would have survived even longer. 2 Charging an almost dead carni into a librarian with a forceweapon and a lot of other nasty stuff. For the rest it was quite nice, even more because he won, of course he won...did you really think they'd let the new nids lose in the first battlerep - nah don't think so either. I also had a look through the new codex (not for sale yet). Some things have become more expensive, some things have become cheaper. But they didn't get the powerboost that the marines got. But I will manage with a nice carni. As long as I throw a couple of 6s for regenerating everything will be allright. I already long for the moment when an almost dead carni returns 4 of his 5 wounds ^^.

To add a bit of a rant...: I've been far to busy with one subject of my study...sticking to the computer all day isn't good.